Work in Germany

Here are couple of question for the program Long Tearm in Germany.

German Traum is a service provider company that assists individuals from North Macedonia and Albania in securing long-term employment in Germany, particularly in restaurants such as McDonald’s and other qualified jobs.

To get started, you need to schedule an appointment at the German Embassy. If you don’t have an appointment, German Traum can assist you in securing one. Once you have an appointment, the process begins.

Yes, German Traum can help you secure an appointment at the German Embassy. We offer assistance in scheduling appointments every month until successful.

After securing an appointment, German Traum initiates the process by discussing your preferred work location. We then assist you in finding a suitable job placement, either at the location of your choice or by presenting you with available options.

To initiate the process, all you need is your passport. You can conveniently fill out an application online or visit our office in person. We will guide you through the rest of the steps and provide any additional information required by the German Embassy or potential employers.

Once you secure an appointment at the German Embassy, the entire process typically takes approximately one month. During this time, German Traum will guide you through each step, from the embassy appointment to job placement, providing support and information along the way. Please note that individual circumstances may vary, and our team will strive to ensure a smooth and efficient process for you.

Yes, German Traum values your preferences. We work with you to understand your desired work location, and if possible, we help place you in a job at that location. If you’re open to suggestions, we can also present you with available options.

Work & Travel for Students

Here are couple of question for the program Work & Travel in Germany.

German Traum offers a Work and Travel program for students, providing an opportunity to work in Germany for a duration of three months.

Students participating in the program can choose from available cities, with the option to work in locations where the program is offered by German Traum. While choice is available, students may need to accept the available cities if their preferred locations are not part of the program.

The program includes job placement, accommodation arrangements, one complimentary meal per day at McDonald’s restaurants, and two free days per week for the duration of the three-month period.

Yes, there is a fee associated with the program. The fee covers various services, including job placement, accommodation, and program support.

Participants in the Work and Travel program can expect to earn between 2000 to 2500 euros per month, providing an opportunity for financial support during their stay in Germany.